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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Getting ready for Coachella - what to wear for Coachella Festival

Coachella style has been established long ago. However, every year people gathering at the festival find new inspirations for the following year outfits.

Check out our suggestions and consider them your inspiration for Coachella 2017. 

We highly recommend:

- bandanas (being worn as a neck scarf, as a head bandana, top etc) 

Rosa scarf by Le Lapin Blanc with Zemfira festival skirt

Rosa Scarf

Matreshka bandana with Eleonora linen top with tassels

- fringes 

Anita Boho shawl

Anita boho shawl with a fringe

- ethnic accessorises

 Kuchi tribal belt with Green neon tutu skirt and Kabul top

Mustique pink neon blazer

Coachella boho gilet 

Don't forget your sunglasses! Let's go! 😍

Friday, 27 March 2015

How to dress for festivals - Gypset ideas

How many times did we ask ourselves this question? I want to look cool and chic at the Festival, but not overdo it, I want to look like X, but I want to be myself .. Our Gypset team prepared a short tutorial of immaculate festival style for you!

Festival outfit
Kate Moss Boho chic
So what are the essentials for the Festival? And what you should avoid? Here is the guide how to catch an eye of fashion bloggers and photographers at festivals.

1. Festival personality: Your style should be reflection of your own your personality. You can't fool people around. If you are a Glamour Queen, you should stay a Glamour Queen, but... with a festival touch. 
Vanessa Hudgens glamour festival look
What we are trying to say here is that festival style don't have boundaries, you can be a Festival punk, a Festival Raver, 
Coachella body art

or a Festival Snob..

2. Festival DON'Ts:What you can't be at a Festival is Herve Leger/Louboutin heels girl (nothing against Max Azria or Christian Louboutin at appropriate events)
- high heels
- bodycon revealing dresses
- everything in excess

3. Casual look: Try to look relaxed, like you didn't spend last 2 months preparing your outfits, it's not Halloween or Burning Man, where costumes are the essence (obviously you did spend at least couple of weeks on your outfits, but keep it for yourself). Loose fit and layers help a lot to create a casual look.
Poppy Delevigne in festival outfit

4. Accessorise! You should pay extra attention to accessorising, as it is a key factor in your look.

Tribal boho accessorise 
Everything from bandanas to anklets will work.
Again, you should be careful with not overdoing as you have a chance to look like a tribal princess.
Festival NO!

Hats: Fedoras are the easiest option
Aztec festival fedora hat by Le Lapin Blanc
Shades: Hippie or decorative sunglasses

Perfect Coachella shades by EyeLove
Headbands: get inspired by some ethnic styles
Kate Moss in Boho headpiece
Coachella flower crowns
Bags: fringed suede bags, tribal bags

Feather and fringes bag by Carole Hook
Fringes: Boho bags, shawls, ponchos, kimonos

Festival kimono by Le Lapin Blanc
Festival Shawl by Le Lapin Blanc

Shoes: tassel boots or sandals, sneakers, espadrilles and wellies (depending on the weather)

Fringed sneakers by Converse
Minnetonka fringed moccasin boots
Fringed Sandals

5. Festival Clothing: You have to be able to mix things and styles
Festival outfit by Le Lapin Blanc

Destroyed denim shorts

Festiva denim shorts by Le Lapin Blanc
Aztec festival destroyed denim shorts by Le Lapin Blanc

Long ethnic skirts
Folk peasant festival outfit by Le Lapin Blanc

Harem pants

Uzbek handmade silk harem pants by Le Lapin Blanc

Crochet dresses
Crochet dress at Coachella


Lace dress at Coachella

6. Folk - tribal - ethnic - gypsy - hippie - peasant. You should consider any of the above mentioned styles. It can be a piece of clothing:

Festival tribal shorts, Kuchi tribal belt, kuchi top

or an accessorise

Kuchi tribal belt at Coachella
The same rule as with accessorises - don't go for a total ethnic or total tribal look. Save it for Burning Man
Festival NO!

7. Layers. I personally love shawls and believe it is the best accessorise, which can work in any situation. Put as a belt, or bandana or a dress or just as a shawl.
Read out tutorial how to wear a shawl at the Festival here:

Festival Shawl by Le Lapin Blanc
Other great idea is a gilet, leather or suede one with a fringe or folk vest.

Folk real sheepskin festival gilet/vest by Le Lapin Blanc

8. A touch of vintage. Vintage and handmade items give you a great opportunity to be unique. It's not like you bought those harem pants for $14.99 at Asos (again, nothing against it) and surprised that every single person at Glastonbury wears them. If you invest some time in your look, you can find absolutely stunning pieces for the price of Asos. Try eBay and Etsy

With love,


Monday, 9 March 2015

Chloe fall 2015 Bohemian chic

Although Chloe show was held on International Women's day Chloe main character is not a women anymore. She is an independent, feminine, sexy girl, who knows what she wants and how to get it. She's not showing off her forms, she's confident in her own skin and cares more about spiritual side of herself rather that her looks. She let guys see her shape wearing airy and translucent fabrics, but she's never vulgar.
Chloe Fall 2015

Chloe Fall 2015
Chloe fall 2015

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nine ways of wearing a shawl

Shawl serves many different purposes..
Fashion: letting you transform casual outfit to a fashionable boho style look or giving a day dress chic night touch
Warmth: shawls keep you warm in a cold winter day or can be worn as a cover for a dress in a chilly summer night
Shawl is a perfect present, which spare you from finding out right size of the receiver.

Shawl can by worn in many different ways, allowing you to transform a top to skirt, and skirt to dress with a simple pin. Ways of wearing a shawl are limited only by your creativity.

As the festival season is approaching, here are 9 ways to wear one shawl festivals. As an example we took a beautiful extra large 60’x60’ Russian wool Shawl with a silk fringe. 
All shawls are available on

Shawl - dress with a belt
Shawl - dress
Shawl - skirt with a belt
Shawl - dress with a belt
Shawl - dress

Shawl - skirt with a belt

Shawl - skirt without a belt
Shawl - skirt without a belt
Shawl - top
Shawl - top
Shawl - bandana
Shawl - bandana
Shawl - arab scarf
Shawl - arab scarf
Shawl - shawl
Shawl - shawl
Shawl - reverse top

Shawl - reverse top
Shawl - kimono
Shawl - kimono
Shawl - asymmetrical top
Shawl - asymmetrical top