Thursday, 25 January 2018

Behind the gypset clothing label "Le lapin blanc"

 Behind the Label "Le lapin blanc"

  • Describe your brand? 
Ethnically sourced curated clothing for modern nomads
  •  How, when and where did you start your brand?
Ive always been excited about works of artisans from across the globe, wherever I traveled, Id buy a piece of clothing made by a local craftsman. At some point I build vast collection of pieces from different corners of our planet. Next step came a decision curating my own collection. I contacted people I bought my pieces from and asked them to make items based on my own designs. Thats how it all started..

  • Speak about your previous work experience and how it helped you to create your own brand? 
I studied History of Art and Law, and did my Masters in History of Costume, worked for Elle Russia as a stylist for a bit, worked in Contemporary Art centre, but than changed it all to Law. I believe it helped me to start looking at things from business perspective. The idea was simple combining my Art and Fashion knowledge with my business skills.
  • What (or who?) are some of your endless inspirations? 
Gypsies I admire tribal nomadic  lifestyle and craftsmanship.

  •   How does travel inspire your collection? 
Look above

  • As Your collection continues to grow, what creative endeavors are on the horizon? 

Exploring new places and new materials, I also love combining traditions from different continents in one fashion item
  •   Souk or Department Store? 
    DIY or Concierge Service? 
    Buy Everything or Buy Nothing? 
    Camping or 5-Star Hotel? 
Sorry on that, 5 star
    Drive or be Driven? 
    Room service or Street Food? 
Street food

    Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? 
Carry on with a goal to buy everything on the spot

  How would you describe your personal style? Who, what or where is the inspiration behind your style? 
My style changes depending on occasion. In general its a city bohemian, but I dont mind wearing a formal dress on certain occasions

   How does travel influence your style? 
Wherever I travel, I buy a piece of clothing made by a local craftsman, and I wear them, combining with regular brands

   What city do you have an endless love affair with? 
Rome and Marrakesh

   Can you share your top three favorite spots for eating, drinking, and shopping in your home town? Please be as a specific as possible.
Eating: Scotts restaurant, Drinking: Annabel's, Shopping: Harvey Nichols

    What is your most desired passport stamp? 

   Best trip so far? 

   Favourite form of transport?

  Always in your suitcase? 

  Favourite hotel that you wouldn't mind staying in forever? 

  Most beloved souvenir? 
Antique ikat fabric from Uzbekistan

  Favourite shop, market or souk? 
Ibiza hippie market

  Describe your travel style?
Carry on only

  Ultimate escape fantasy?
To the moon and back

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