Friday, 31 July 2015

What to wear to Wilderness Festival

Wilderness festival

Another Gypset set what to wear to Wilderness festival

  • Unitard 
  • Tribal hat
  • Messenger bag
  • Wellies
  • Sunglasses
Wilderness festival
How to dress for Wilderness festival 2015

How to dress for Wilderness festival

Wilderness festival

 The countdown to Wilderness festival has begun. Only a couple of weeks after Secret Garden Party it combines perfect location in Oxfordshire and a sick line-up. See below Gypset outfit inspiration #1.
You can find all items on our website: Le Lapin Blanc
To be continued...

What to wear to Wilderness festival 2015

Wilderness festival
What to wear to Wilderness Festival 2015

Neon Green bra le lapin blanc

Tutu skirt

Rubber boots

Wristlet clutch

Maria Francesca Pepe clip on earrings
£35 -

CC SKYE gold bangle
£83 -

Illesteva black sunglasses
£185 -

Black hat

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Gypset Hmong tribal bags

The Hmong

Hmong tribe traditional costume

The Hmong are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Anthropologists trace their heritage as far back as Siberia and Central Asia. The word Hmong means "Free People" in the Hmong language. Hmong groups began a southward migration in the 18th century due to political unrest. The expansion of the Chinese from the north, caused a disruption in the Hmong culture and forced them to migrate southwards to escape oppression and persecution. Today, the Hmong are located mostly in Thai highlands, Laos and southern China. Hmong people

Once in Thailand, in overcrowded refugee camps awaiting resettlement, Hmong people began selling handicrafts to improve their standard of living. Now with time to spare in the camps, women produced purses, bed spreads, and toaster covers which were shipped to relatives abroad who could sell them and send money back.
Hmong traditional embroidery

Men also contributed to the endeavor by creating drawings that could be transferred to cloths. In the 1960s, missionaries had taught men to draw illustrations for the folktales used in literacy primers. Cloths featuring elaborate and fantastic narratives sold well overseas and production grew.

Each Quilt Block is a Work of Art

Every square is handmade by a Hmong hill tribe woman living in the remote hills using the reverse applique quilting method. The designs are traditional symbols for love, longevity, and life. Delicate accent embroidery adorns each square. 

Hmong textile art closely related to practices of other ethnic minorities in China, the embroidery consists of bold geometric designs often realised in bright, contrasting colours. Different patterns and techniques of production are associated with geographical regions and cultural subdivisions within the global Hmong community. For example, White Hmong are typically associated with reverse appliqué while Green Mong are more associated with batik. Since the mass exodus of Hmong refugees from Laos following the end of the War, there were some major stylistic changes, strongly influenced by the tastes of the Western marketplace.
Changes included more subdued colours and the invention of a new form of paj ndau often referred to as "story cloths." These cloths, ranging in size up to several square feet, use figures to represent stories from Hmong history and folklore in a narrative form. Today, the practice of embroidery continues to be passed down through generations of Hmong people and paj ndau remain important markers of Hmong ethnicity.
Modern Hmong textile
Traditionally, paj ndau were applied to skirts worn for courtship during New Year festivals, as well as baby-carriers, and men's collars. 
Hmong traditional baby carrier

The core visual elements of "layered bands of appliqué, triangles, squares tilted and superimposed on contrasting, squares, lines and dots, spirals, and crosses. The use of border patterns may show the influence of Chinese embroidery techniques.
Traditional Hmong skirt fabric

Hmong bags

Gypset admires Hmong craftsmenship and brings Hmong bags to the Western market. They are very colourful and Bohemian. Remember, buying Hmong products supports the tribe living.

We have a range from beach totes from modern Hmong fabrics

Hmong bohemian embroidered leather bag  Ibiza tote
Available on

to bags from vintage traditional Hmong baby carriers
Hmong bohemian gypsy embroidered bag from vintage fabric Ibiza bag

Available on

and leather clutches
Hmong tribal boho clutch Hmong clutch
Available on

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to style boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans - Gypset look

Styling boyfriend jeans - what a challenge! Gypset loves arabesque motifs this summer. Beautiful blue Dolce and Gabbana bag and Le Lapin Blanc blue boho sheepskin gilet will definitely add folk oriental touch to your destroyed boyfriend jeans. Pink Italia Independent sunglasses and Philipp Plein sneakers will bring contrast to the blue seaside glamour.

Pink + blue

Open front vest

Honorine Jewels blue agate bracelet
£29 -

Monday, 27 July 2015

How to wear sweat pants

Fun way of wearing sweat pants

Gypset loves neon colours in the summer! Here is our ideas how to hit the gym and being noticed.

Neon impact!

Black crop top
£5.75 -

Black jacket

Gucci high top shoes
£560 -

Yves Saint Laurent leather purse
£385 -

Pink Mascara skull jewelry
£10 -

£12 -

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to style pompoms

Bohemian way of styling pompoms

Summer allows us wearing more colourful clothing, and what can be more fun than candy coloured pompoms. Here is our Gypset guide how to style pompoms. Mix different colours and don't be afraid of having too many pompoms - pompoms match pompoms. Just try to avoid big ones in order not to look like a clown :)

A pom-pom (pompom, pompon) is a loose, fluffy, decorative ball. pompom They are very common in most of the tribal and gypsy costumes, so will give you a proper Boho Gypset look 

Pompom Heaven

Pink jacket

Jean shorts


Wristlet purse

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
£110 -

Fedora hat

Monday, 20 July 2015

Gypset Ibiza Summer 2015 guide

Gypset Ibiza summer 2015 additions to our Ultimate Ibiza guide Ibiza guide.

A month ago we presented you with our Gypset Ultimate guide to the Ibiza, but we decided to update it as there are few new comers or places haven't been reviewed in our last guide. So here we are - welcome to Ibiza Summer 2015

Bare in mind, that Gypset views and tastes are completely subjective, and you should always try to yourself before jumping to conclusions

New comers:

Cotton beach club - Opened last year with an aspiration of becoming Le Club 55 of Ibiza it has never reached its target. Food is average, beach is below average, the view is magnificent though.

Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Heart Ibiza - a collaboration between Adria bros and Cirque du Soleil in Ibiza Gran Hotel is set as a food fair, where you have to queue up to buy food in trailers. Very interesting concept, lacking an important restaurant feature as ability to communicate. We suggest to go there with a group you don't want to speak a lot as half of the time you'll spent queueing up for food. Live performance is good as well as the club downstairs. Check out Acid Sundays with DJ Nu and Acid Pauli.

The Heart Restaurant Ibiza

Good oldies:

Eat: Juan y Andrea Formentera - still good, pricy and worth coming

Juan y Andrea Restaurant Formentera

Stay: Destino - we loved Destino this year, very chilled and less tacky. Come to chill at the pool or for a pre dinner drink. 
Destino Pacha Hotel Ibiza

Tan - Atlantis Beach - used to be hidden from tourists, now well known by everyone. It still has its beauty due to difficult accessibility. The best way is coming by boat
Atlantis Beach Ibiza 

Visit - Es Vedra - the must!

Es Vedra Ibiza