Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Gypset Ibiza

It's just a splash more than a month until the Grand Openings (GO) in Ibiza where every Gypsetter is definitely going to be - so now is prefect time to recap all the places.

Gypset team has been developing its preferences within decades, so our Guide is for real Gypsetters, not Nikki beach Ibiza and Blue Marlin goes. 

Gypset tans at:
  • the villa
  • on the boat
Gypset tanning on the boat Cala Jondal Ibiza
  • don't tan and goes straight to Sunset Ashram :)

Gypset lunches in: 
Lunch at Es Xarcu
Experimental Beach Ibiza
Gypset sunsets in:

Gypset sunset at Sunset Ashram
Gypset eats healthy in:
Passion Cafe Ibiza
Gypset dines in:

La Paloma Ibiza
  • Cami de Balafia
Cami de Balafia
Gypset entertains guests in:
Gypset goes for a quick bite to:
  • Es Raco 
Gypset goes on a date to:
Gypset in Hacienda Na Xamena
Gypset dances:
  • Sunday in Pacha
Solomun night in Pacha Ibiza
  • Monday in DC10 and Amnesia
Cocoon night in Amnesia Ibiza
  • Tuesday in Space
  • Wednesday in DC10 
    Circo Loco in DC10
  • Thursday in Space or Underground
  • Friday in Amnesia
  • Saturday in DC10
  • Whenever you are invited in The Kave 
The Kave Ibiza

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