Sunday, 12 April 2015

Gypset spring boho look

Finally warm in London. Why wouldn't you bring some colour to your look. Trust us, it changes the mood 💐. We selected pieces from our shop to create this Gypset look. In order to create a perfect look try to select pieces with complimentary colours. In this particular look we used primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Never forget using colours which compliment each other in your looks.
Remember: opposite colours combination produces the most appealing effect. Impressionists knew it, thats's why we still love their art. Use the colour wheel for the reference (see below)

Gypsy tribal look, street style
In this look: 

Ottoman silk ikat robe/ kaftan by Le Lapin Blanc
Jumpsuit with kuchi details by Le Lapin Blanc
Suede fringe boots by Minnetonka
Oversized ponyskin bag by Ralph Lauren
Custom made sunglasses 

Colour wheel 

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