Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Effortless Gypset/ Gypsy look

Today we tried to recreate proper gypsy look in contemporary interpretation - what we call Gypset look, which includes long patterned skirt, shawl with a fringe and a cropped top. We didn't include any headdress or hairband on purpose, as it may look too historical, too heavy together with a shawl. Furthermore, as long as there is a pattern on skirt and shawl, only plain top can be used in this look. For the hair you can "put a flower in your hair" (if you go to San Francisco )

Shalom Harlow for Vogue US 1993
Gypset Gypsy Look Gypsy Skirt, Gypsy shawl
Gypsy skirt, Gypsy shawl by Le Lapin Blanc
Festival gypsy peasant skirt by Le Lapin Blanc

In this look:
Long gypsy peasant skirt by Le Lapin Blanc
Silk top by Louis Vuitton 
Extra large gypsy shawl by Le Lapin Blanc
Ibiza coin leather bag 

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