Tuesday, 27 January 2015

St Barth Boho Chic

St Barth - a meccah for movers and shakers, hot spot for celebrities and a setting for beautiful bikini shoots with world famous models. But do you know that island's spirit sets trends for international fashion? Every time people from all over the world gather on this small piece of land for a short period of time over New Year, they leave with style ideas in their minds. And this style is Bohemian. 

Another chilled day on Gouverneur Beach
The style is amazing itself as it doesn't require too much effort from your side.

1.You don't have to straighten or blow dry your hair as you can wear a turban or bandana. Sun and wind dried natural hair is the key for the style.

2. You don't need to wear heels - flats all over - sandals, boots or even anklets will be perfect.
Peacock Boho Kimono with a bandana 
 3.You don't have to have a perfect body - kimonos and overdresses will hide your curves.

Boho white crochet top and shorts with turquoise anklets on Flamands Beach
 4. If you happen to have a perfect body you can always show it off in micro crochet shorts and cropped tops

Morning meditation on Flamands beach St Barth

St Barth sunset on Shell Beach Do brazil
 5. Long skirts will make you look taller and your waist smaller

Boho lace Valentino dress in Gustavia at night
 6. White bohemian lace suits everyone and make you look like bride :-)
Boho Herve Leger dress and antique venetian headpiece in Le Ti St Barth
 6. In Boho Chic you can combine pieces from different cultures and epoques without any hesitation
Cropped shorts and boho headpiece on Flamands beach
 7.  Accessorising:  shawls, scarfs, fringes, rings, necklaces are the must!
Boho inspiration

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In St Barth We Love:

Divine St Barth
Vanita Rosa St Barth
Donale St Barth

Gouverneur Beach
Flamands Beach

Colombier Beach

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Christmas in Paris

Paris is a city of love! Paris is magical. The most beautiful time to visit Paris is over Christmas. While locals run from big cities, you can feel yourself a tourist lost in translation..

To feel Christmas spirit in Paris in full we love: 

To drink: Avenue (41, Avenue Montaigne)

Christmas drink at L'Avenue
To eat: Costes (Hotel Costes)

Christmas dinner at Hotel Costes
To shop: Avenue Montaigne
Avenue Montaigne 
To see Christmas decoration: Les Champs Elysees

Stopping the traffic on Les Champs Elysees
To stay: Hotel Plaza Athenee
Best Christmas Tree in Plaza Athenee