Friday 2 February 2018

New trend: felt boots

Omg! Have you heard? Everyone is obsessed with a new trend “felt boots’. You can throw your Uggs away, Valeshi are en vogue at the moment.. 

Valeshi are warm felted mid boots made from dried sheep’s wool, they are quite soft and get the form of the human's sol. They are traditionally worn for walking on dry snow when the weather is frosty, so they best place for them would be Gstaad, St Moritz and Courchevel ❄️☃️

All our Valeshi are available on

Thursday 25 January 2018

Behind the gypset clothing label "Le lapin blanc"

 Behind the Label "Le lapin blanc"

  • Describe your brand? 
Ethnically sourced curated clothing for modern nomads
  •  How, when and where did you start your brand?
Ive always been excited about works of artisans from across the globe, wherever I traveled, Id buy a piece of clothing made by a local craftsman. At some point I build vast collection of pieces from different corners of our planet. Next step came a decision curating my own collection. I contacted people I bought my pieces from and asked them to make items based on my own designs. Thats how it all started..

  • Speak about your previous work experience and how it helped you to create your own brand? 
I studied History of Art and Law, and did my Masters in History of Costume, worked for Elle Russia as a stylist for a bit, worked in Contemporary Art centre, but than changed it all to Law. I believe it helped me to start looking at things from business perspective. The idea was simple combining my Art and Fashion knowledge with my business skills.
  • What (or who?) are some of your endless inspirations? 
Gypsies I admire tribal nomadic  lifestyle and craftsmanship.

  •   How does travel inspire your collection? 
Look above

  • As Your collection continues to grow, what creative endeavors are on the horizon? 

Exploring new places and new materials, I also love combining traditions from different continents in one fashion item
  •   Souk or Department Store? 
    DIY or Concierge Service? 
    Buy Everything or Buy Nothing? 
    Camping or 5-Star Hotel? 
Sorry on that, 5 star
    Drive or be Driven? 
    Room service or Street Food? 
Street food

    Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? 
Carry on with a goal to buy everything on the spot

  How would you describe your personal style? Who, what or where is the inspiration behind your style? 
My style changes depending on occasion. In general its a city bohemian, but I dont mind wearing a formal dress on certain occasions

   How does travel influence your style? 
Wherever I travel, I buy a piece of clothing made by a local craftsman, and I wear them, combining with regular brands

   What city do you have an endless love affair with? 
Rome and Marrakesh

   Can you share your top three favorite spots for eating, drinking, and shopping in your home town? Please be as a specific as possible.
Eating: Scotts restaurant, Drinking: Annabel's, Shopping: Harvey Nichols

    What is your most desired passport stamp? 

   Best trip so far? 

   Favourite form of transport?

  Always in your suitcase? 

  Favourite hotel that you wouldn't mind staying in forever? 

  Most beloved souvenir? 
Antique ikat fabric from Uzbekistan

  Favourite shop, market or souk? 
Ibiza hippie market

  Describe your travel style?
Carry on only

  Ultimate escape fantasy?
To the moon and back

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Gypset guide to Monaco

Where to go and what to wear for a short break in Monaco?

Monaco (Monte Carlo) πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Each trip to Monaco brings the memories from many years back, when I used to live there. Few things have changed since, but the core still stands.

  • super short skirts - the definition of short is different in MC
  • age and looks gap in a couple - 60 years old not that great looking men with gorgeous 30 years old women 
  • everyone is trying to sell you something  

They build new hotels and restaurants every year. However, our favourites would still be the same.


Maya Bay - best ever Thai and Japanese in Monaco. Food is to die for in a beautiful setting.

Beef Bar - best meat in Fontvielle with great ambience 

Cipriani - the place to see and be seen. Food is average but the scene is worth going 

Bars and clubs:

Sass cafe - if you feel like a late cup 

Bar American - if you're a lonely gentleman 

Bagatelle - if you know bouncers from numetous bagatelles all over the world 

Twiga - to go after all above 

Lunch on the beach:

Monte Carlo beach club - Brasserie Le deck is the best choice for Sunday brunch

Anjuna beach - Ibiza style restaurant with a small beach 

Mala beach - the only decent beach around MC with good music and food 

Paloma - great for fish, but only before 2pm, after which you're in the shadow 


Go somewhere else! 

What to wear:

As mentioned above, not much has changed in the principality. Sparkles, high heels and body con rule the scene. To stand out from see through divas and bring some bohemian look into town, we suggest you to dress down and try lose fits to show your personality rather than your body (if you're reading our blog, we know you're in amazing form anyway πŸ˜‰). You can still play with colours! It's summer, for God's sake! 

Ibiza tote by Le Lapin Blanc

Ibiza tote

Capri tassel gladiator sandals

Monaco embroidered burgundy tunica

Penelopa linen embroidered dress

Wednesday 22 March 2017

'How to wear a shawl' - 24 ways to wear a shawl

Check out our new video '24 ways of wearing a shawl - How to wear a shawl'

Good luck!


Thursday 9 March 2017

Getting ready for Coachella - what to wear for Coachella Festival

Coachella style has been established long ago. However, every year people gathering at the festival find new inspirations for the following year outfits.

Check out our suggestions and consider them your inspiration for Coachella 2017. 

We highly recommend:

- bandanas (being worn as a neck scarf, as a head bandana, top etc) 

Rosa scarf by Le Lapin Blanc with Zemfira festival skirt

Rosa Scarf

Matreshka bandana with Eleonora linen top with tassels

- fringes 

Anita Boho shawl

Anita boho shawl with a fringe

- ethnic accessorises

 Kuchi tribal belt with Green neon tutu skirt and Kabul top

Mustique pink neon blazer

Coachella boho gilet 

Don't forget your sunglasses! Let's go! 😍

Thursday 17 November 2016

Valenki - bohemian felted boots

Valenki are traditional Russian winter footwear 
Hand painted felted boots
They are made by felting wool felt and are essentially felt boots. Traditionally they come without a sol and worn with 'galoshi' (rubber or plastic cover) to protect the soles from water and wear. I remember wearing Valenki in the kindergarten back in Moscow, so did everyone else 😍 Valenki used to be a traditional foot wear in Russia, but then they became seen as unpractical mostly in the cities. 
Hand painted felted boots Valenki

Hand painted felted boots Valenki
Today, when we witness revival of ethnic and eco friendly clothing, valenki become a popular choice for bohemian boots for organic clothes lovers.
Valenki are warm felted highboots made from dried sheep’s wool, they are quite soft and get the form of the human's sol. They are traditionally worn for walking on dry snow when the weather is frosty, so they best place for them would be a ski resort ⛷🎿
The best ones are either hand painted:
Hand painted felted boots Valenki

or hand embroidered: 
Hand embroidered felted boots Valenki

Wear Valenki with a Folk Merino Gilet: 

Or a shawl:
Extra large Bohemian olga Spanish shawl

Saturday 24 September 2016

Gypset guide to Porto Cervo - September Rolex Swan cup

Just a short September break for Rolex Swan Cup Costa Smeralda.

With no ambition to win for our Gypset team, it's all about sailing and drinking champagne.

More than 100 teams from all over the world take part in the Regatta and are the only people found in Porto Cervo at this time of the year, when the season is over.

Gypset team suggestions how to spend a long September weekend in Costa Smeralda.

Where to sleep:

Unless you sleep on the boat (which is usually the case), the second best choice would be

Hotel Cala di Volpe

Hotel Cala di Volpe view in September 
Hotel Romazzino 

Hotel Romazzino Porto Cervo
Hotel Pitrizza
Hotel Pitrizza Porto Cervo

Where to eat:

Gianni Pedrinelli - the most famous restaurant on the island has been around for decades! An absolute must! Although you won't find it as busy as during high season, the food is still delicious.
Restaurane Gianni Perdinelli Porto Cervo
Clipper - busy, busy even at the low season. Don't forget to order traditional spaghetti alla bottarga, Sardinia speciality
Clipper Restaurant Porto Cervo
Aruana Churrascaria - Romantic Brazilian meat buffet
Auana Churrascaria restaurant Porto Cervo

Where to lunch:

Cala Di volpe

Where to sail overnight:

Cavallo island near Bonifacio Corsica - the hidden Mediterranean gem 

Cavallo island

Cavallo isaland by night

Where to eat in Cavallo:

Hotel des pΓͺches 
Hotel des Peches Cavallo

Where to shopping: 

Porto Cervo

Where to dance:

Unfortunately both Sottovento and Billionaire are closed in September, but there are plenty of parties on boats